Farewell to Communication Assistant Haejin Park

In the words of Ms. Haejin Park

“I was a regular student majoring in Communication BA, who was also interested in sustainable development. As a Communication Assistant in EAAFP, I expected to learn practical communication skills, especially in the environment and sustainability field. However, working for six months, I learned much more than merely communication skills. EAAFP changed the way how to see the world and how I understand diversity.


During the internship, there were a lot of opportunities to communicate with people working for the environment and sustainability. At first, I thought they were merely completing their given tasks, working for corporations or organizations that aim for conservation. However, working with them for a long time, I learned that they were putting an enormous effort from the bottom of their hearts. “Conservation” was one of the goals of their life, and part of their daily life at the same time. All of them inspired me to be the one who raises awareness of conservation, using communication strategies that I learned from lectures and experiences.

EAAFP works with partners from different countries, so there were also a lot of chances to work with people from various fields. Since my previous experiences were limited to the field of communication, my interest was also limited in minor areas. However, meeting many different people from various sectors like education, press, research, and production, I learned how to understand diversity. I stopped making a hasty decision on people, nor jumping to conclusions. I learned how to listen attentively to others and work collaboratively.

© Vivian Fu/EAAFP

I sincerely appreciate all staff members and partners who taught me a lot of lessons and had valuable experiences as a team. I will never forget these lessons, inspirations, and expertise in EAAFP. Based on lessons that I learned in EAAFP, I am going to finish my university and study deeply on conservation. I want to end my note by showing my appreciation to the organization for having me as a Communication Assistant at EAAFP.”

We wish her all the very best for future endeavours.

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