Farewell to Administration/Finance Intern, Sangwoo Han

In the words of Sangwoo Han,

“During the internship program at EAAFP, I could learn various things. I could expand my management skills through my daily routine work task. Other than that, I engaged with other activities and projects with other teams. First, I still remember my first day at EAAFP. I went out to Hwaseong city for filming with Chief. It is memorable since it was my first day at EAAFP and first time for bird watching. It was my first opportunity to feel about beauty of nature. Since it was my first day, I was not fully engaged with this project, but I could see how the project is managed and organized through this project. Second, one of the biggest projects that I was involved was Hong Kong HFS Forum through Zoom due to COVID-19. It was great opportunity to learn more about online software since we have been using many online software. Since technical support was my main task during this project, it was opportunity to learn more about zoom with many people. This skill will help me in the future when I have chance to use zoom. Finally, other than any other projects, there were many small projects such as filming with KBS documentary team where translation was required with chief and non-English speaker. Translation is very rare task in our daily lives so, it was great opportunity to expand my translation skills by working with Chief. It was quite nervous to be translator since I have no basic background of water birds and migratory birds but by learning more about birds’ names and their characteristics translate became much easier. Also, it was great opportunity to learn more about their characteristics while translating chief.

© Sangwoo Han/EAAFP

© Sangwoo Han/EAAFP

Overall, it was great opportunity to have expand my general office task skills, planning projects and work collaboratively with other teams. Internship program at EAAFP allowed me to have more knowledge about migratory birds. Through this internship program I could expand many skills but also opportunity to think about importance of environment in general.”

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