Introduction of the picture book “Explore the mystery of the Brent Goose”

Written by Yusuke Sawa from Yamashina Institute for Ornithology

©Yusuke Sawa /Yamashina Institute for Ornithology

Brent Geese Branta bernicla_breed widely along the coastal line of Arctic Ocean in Eurasia, Alaska, Canada and winter in the middle-latitude. The Asian population of Brent Goose B.b.nigricans is estimated to be 5,000 to 8,700 birds, wintering in Japan, China and Korea (Wetlands International 2012). However, the breeding ground, wintering sites in China and Korean Peninsula, and migratory routes of this population are poorly known, remaining the “Last mystery of Geese in East Asia”.

We started the banding survey and tracking research for this species in 2016 and established “The Joint Research Group for Brent Goose” to promote the collaboration among the researchers in East Asia. The cooperative research has been conducted among Chinese Academy of Sciences, USGS and this group since November 2017.

The main subject of the cooperative research is the tracking study from Notsuke Bay, Japan (Flyway Network Site EAAF116), the largest autumn staging sites for Brent Goose in East Asia. We aim to track the migration of Brent Goose from Notsuke Bay to the unknown wintering sites in China and Korean Peninsula, and also the breeding ground in Russian Arctic.

Fig. 1. Front cover of the picture book

In our picture book, we described a series of the research in the breeding ground of Lena Delta and Notsuke Bay, focusing on the people involved in the field work. We would like to promote awareness raising about the wonderful trip of migratory birds and the importance of wetlands conservation through our research.

Please contact to “Foster a Goose Program” ([email protected]) if you are interested in our picture book. Only Japanese version is available now, but Russian version will be published soon.


Title: Explore the mystery of the Brent Goose

Autor: Sota Koike

Supervisor: Yusuke Sawa

Publisher: Foster a Goose Program


Fig. 2. A picture of the breeding ground in Lena Delta

Fig. 3. A story of initiation of cooperative research among Japan, China and US.

Fig. 4. The results of our tracking research

Fig. 5. The image of Russian version of the picture book.

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[Japanese version]



コクガンは、北極海沿岸域で広く繁殖し、中緯度地方の沿岸域で越冬するガンです。東アジアには、中国、朝鮮半島、日本に約8,700羽が越冬すると推定されています(Wetlands International 2012)。しかし、東アジアの越冬個体群は、その渡りルートや繁殖地、さらには中国、朝鮮半島における越冬地が明らかになっておらず、“東アジアのガン類最後の謎”となっています。


関連情報:東アジアのコクガン最前線: 一斉調査/標識コクガン観察記録収集のお願い




ロシア語バージョンも近々発行予定です。絵本のお問い合わせは、雁の里親友の会事務局([email protected])までお願いします。


題名: コクガンの謎を追う









関連情報:東アジアのコクガン最前線: 一斉調査/標識コクガン観察記録収集のお願い

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