EAAFP-WLI Joint Newsletter on CEPA Published

EAAFP and WLI published its first joint newsletter focusing on wetland CEPA (Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness) activities across the flyway in September 2013. It aims to share experience of practical wetlands CEPA activities between partners of EAAFP and WLI.

As we are sure you know, wetland conservation cannot succeed unless we have collaborative work between international conventions, national policies and guidance, and local delivery. It is this last activity where CEPA is so important. Unless you can convince local people of the importance of wetlands for the benefit of local people, as well as wildlife, it will be difficult to effectively protect them.

But successful local engagement is not always very easy. Local people often see wetlands as dangerous, as a source of food or water, as a waste of space, or just have very little knowledge of what they are. Finding ways to show how local people can use them sustainably, whilst protecting their environment and wildlife, is a really crucial activity.

This is where successful examples of your CEPA activities would be really useful to help others learn about what works and what doesn’t. Enjoy reading!

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