EAAFP Secretariat celebrates the 2019 World Migratory Bird Day

To celebrate 2019 World Migratory Bird Day, the EAAFP Secretariat held a public lecture at the Auditorium in G-Tower, Songdo, Incheon, RO Korea on Saturday 11th May, 2019. The theme of this event was “Human, Birds in Incheon”, aiming to raise awareness of citizens on the conservation of migratory waterbirds and their habitat.

Participants of the World Migratory Bird Day Public Lecture (Photo credit: EAAFP)

More than 100 citizens and students actively participated in the public lecture. The participants included elementary school students, their families, teachers as well as representatives of government organizations. The programme was a successful harmony of different formats, including lectures, songs, and plays. The co-organizers were The Ministry of Environment Korea, Incheon Metropolitan City and EAAFP Incheon-Gyeonggi Task Force.

The event was designed in story telling format with five themes. The first theme was “Migratory birds in danger” followed by the second theme of “Why birds are suffering”, the third one of “Migratory Birds in our history and cultures”. The last theme was “Our efforts in action”. The event aimed to help the audience understand the importance of migratory waterbirds, what challenges they are facing today as well as the actions that the local community can take to solve the issues.

Mr. Pete Probasco, Chair of EAAFP, gave a key note presentation titled as “The conservation of migratory waterbirds and their habitats in the EAAF and where will the migratory waterbirds come from”. Another speaker, Dr. Jinyoung Park from the National Institute of Biological Resources gave a presentation on the danger that our waterbirds are in and “why birds are suffering”. Dr. Young Jun Kim from Notational Institute of Ecology Korea gave an informative presentation about why and how the birds and people can coexist. Dr. Inchul Kim from Suncheon Local Sustainability Alliance of Korea shared the story of Birds in Korean history. Dr. LU Cai from EAAFP Science Unit presented the impact of Climate Change to Water Birds. The EAAFP Secretariat showed the 2019 WMBD 2019 video explaining the official 2019 WMBD theme of “Protect Birds: Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution!”.

After the public lecture, many of the participants continued to join the Yeongjong Migratory Birds and Mudflats Fun Day held at the Yeongjong tidal flat in Incheon in the afternoon. This event was coordinated by the Green Union Incheon Chapter, Incheon Bridge Company, EAAFP Secretariat and Eco Education Center Irang. During the fun day, participants could play in the mudflat, joining quiz games, enjoying games in the booths. There were also drawing and writing competitions for children. The inspiring documentary “Albatross” created by Chris Jordan, was screened to show the impact of plastic pollution on the migratory birds.

To see more photos of these two events:

World Migratory Bird Day Public Lecture: www.flickr.com/photos/eaafp/albums/7215770844180639

World Migratory Bird Day Yeongjong Event: www.flickr.com/photos/eaafp/albums/72157678270472337















Photo credit: EAAFP








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