EAAFP National Shorebirds Network Meeting in Japan

EAAFP National Shorebirds Network Meeting in Japan was held in Kashima, Saga, Japan from 30 September to 1 October 2014, organized by Ministry of the Environment, Japan. The aim of the meeting was to promote understanding on EAAFP and share information among site managers of the Flyway network Sites that supports shorebirds’ migration. 35 participants from key national organisations about the Flyway Partnership including government officers, site managers and rangers as well as experts and those from relevant NGOs gathered and exchanged information, issues and experiences, and learned national and international shorebirds conservation status.

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EAAFP National Shorebirds Network Meeting in Japan @ Minister of Environment, Japan

Ms. Kaori Tsujita, MOE-J, explained about EAAFP and promoted worldwide campaigns such as WWD, WMBD. Through active discussions in parallel workshops to identify activities to contribute to the outcomes identified in the Implementation Strategy of the Flyway Partnership, some important points were raised. Firstly, recognition of the connection between EAAFP and international agreement such as Ramsar Convention and Convention on Biological Diversity is low in local EAAFP related activities. Secondly, establishing local committee to discuss on the direction of FNS conservation will be important. Thirdly, easier form of Implementation Strategy will be useful to be integrated into management plans at each FNS. In addition, there was a discussion that national PR tools on EAAFP would help bottom up of the national FNS. Local site managers found possibility on finding students from urban area to conservation activities in remote areas.

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EAAFP National Shorebirds Network Meeting in Japan @ Minister of Environment, Japan

Mr. Reiji Kamezawa, Director of the Kyushu Regional Environmental Office, MOE-J, emphasized in his closing remarks that voluntary actions are vital for designation and management of FNS since EAAFP is a voluntary scheme, and hoped future active interaction among the members gathered since conservation issues are often similar among the sites so that they can be often solved by sharing experiences. National Network Meeting in Japan for Anatidae was held in early 2014, and one for Cranes is planned to be held in 2015.

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