What is EAAFP Corporate Champion Programme

By becoming an EAAFP Corporate Champion, the corporate can internationally promote their social and environmental contributions toward the conservation of migratory watebirds and their valuable habitats. The corporate champion is granted an honorable role of an ambassador for specific key species in the EAA Flyway.



Who Can Be a Champion and What is Their Role?

Companies and organizations that are willing to support EAAFP’s efforts to conserve migratory waterbirds and their habitats can apply to the EAAFP Corporate Champion programme.  The Corporate Champions are invited to provide mid and long-term funding to one or more EAAFP programmes and initiatives.



Types of Champions

Species Champion

Flyway Champion

Prestige Champion

  • Support conservation activities and habitat restoration of specific migratory birds (EAAFP Key Species list)
  • Minimum donation amount: 10,000 USD
  • Sponsorship period: 3 years (can be extended)
  • Support the overall value of migratory birds and habitat conservation, regardless of region and species
  • Minimum donation amount: 10,000 USD
  • Sponsorship period: 3 years (can be extended)
  • Companies pledging annual support of 50,000 USD or more to specific migratory birds and EAAFP activities




Our Work

Ulsan Corporate Champion Program

In May 2021, four corporates in Ulsan, Republic of Korea joined the EAAFP Corporate Champion Programme to celebrate the designation of Ulsan Taehwa River as Flyway Network Site [EAAF150]. By matching 1 species to 1 company the participating companies expressed their commitment to join EAAFP’s efforts to conserve the key migratory bird species and their habitats in the local community. (For more...)


Champion of Long Billed Plover: HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY

Champion of Mandarin Duck: S-OIL CORPORATION

Champion of Eastern Great Egret: KOREA PETROCHEMICAL IND. CO., LTD

Champion of Black-Crowned Night Heron: KYUNGDONG CITY GAS CO., LTD

Benefits for Corporate Champion

  • Corporate Champions will be recognized internationally for their contribution to biodiversity conservation.
  • Corporate Champions will be acknowledged with a EAAFP certificate.
  • Corporate Champions will be invited to EAAFP events as corporate ambassador for specific species.



How to apply for an EAAFP Corporate Champion