Bako Buntal Bay–East Asian-Australasian Flyway Network Site Dossier

Sarawak Forestry

Bako Buntal Bay [EAAF112] as covered by this document is located on the coasts of Sarawak, East Malaysia. The Bay represents tidal influenced coastal habitats which stretches from the tip of Santubong peninsula to the mouth of Sadong River. Bako Buntal Bay remained quite significant a part of Sarawak’s coastline due to large numbers of migratory birds as well as species which are globally threatened being recorded here.

The dossier is written with the aim of conserving migratory waterbirds and their habitat and the main thrust is conservation and tourism along the Bay. It is a desk-based conceptualization of opportunities for developing and managing the Bako Buntal Bay Flyway Network site to support:

  • Conservation and wise use of globally important waterbird populations;
  • Recreational needs of tourism along the coast north of Kuching City for visitors and residents;
  • Needs of and opportunities for the local residents of the larger area (Kg Buntal, Kg Bako, Kg Moyan, Asajaya);
  • Future expansion of existing tourism product which is the Damai/Santubong peninsula; and
  • Long term maintenance of biodiversity values and ecosystem services of the two national parks (Santubong National Park and Bako National Park).

Preparation of the dossier was fully funded by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Malaysia.

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