Anatidae Working Group

The Working Group for the Anatidae Site Network in the East Asian Flyway was established in May 1999 to oversee the implementation of Action Plan for the Conservation of Migratory Anatidae in the East Asian Flyway under the Asia Pacific Migratory Waterbird Conservation Strategy. This working group then took on the role of supporting of the Partnership.

The goal of the Anatidae Working Group is to coordinate, facilitate and promote collaboration on Anatidae conservation, management, education and research activities, across the East Asian-Australasian Flyway.

Taxonomic groups in the Flyway include: Anatidae

Working Group documentation

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Working Group Chair

Masayuki Kurechi
Japanese Association for Wild Goose Protection
Minamimachi 16, Kawaminami, Wakayanagi City, Miyagi, 989-5502 Japan
Tel: +81-228-32-2004
E-mail: [email protected]

Working Group Coordinator

Katsumi Ushiyama
Miyajimanuma Waterbird & Wetland Center
Oomagari 3, Nishibibai, Bibai City, Hokkaido, 072-0057, Japan
Tel: +81-126-66-5066, Fax: +81-126-66-5067
E-mail: [email protected]

Bio: Katsumi Ushiyama, Ph. D. is a wetland manager and wildlife biologist at the Miyajimanuma Waterbird Wetlands Center, Japan. His specialty is conservation biology and behavioral ecology and has been involved especially in Greater white-fronted geese since 1997.  His interests also include wetland restoration, wetland CEPA, and wetland culture. He is the secretary general of the Japan Wetlands Society, advisor of the Waterfowl Population Census of Japan, program committee member of the Ornithological Society of Japan and joins the Japan Ornithologist Group for Anatidae site network (JOGA).

Useful Documents

All files are in pdf format. Download the Adobe Acrobat reader.