• Your message will be delivered to the countries in East Asian-Australasian Flyway!
  • ‘To Our Winged Travellers‘ is an interactive art project to celebrate the annual migration of migratory waterbirds. Since last May, over 1000 people participated in the project via online and at the local bird events in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway (EAAF). The project started in the Republic of Korea and messages were delivered to other countries in the EAAF, such as Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Please help us keep the greetings coming and ‘flying’ out to their next destination! If you want to join, please contact us, [email protected]
  • How harsh their journey to reach their destination?
  • Festival of Wings 2015 ©Wai Pak/Malaysian Nature Society
    We've got call for 'To Our Winged Travellers' Exhibitions from all around the world!
    World Migratory Bird Day 2018 is a perfect opportunity to display messages gathered from all over the world and wish the safe journey to migratory waterbirds in the EAAF. Please contact us by email at [email protected] if you, your organisation, school, or your visitor centre has a place to display the messages and encourage more people to join this campaign. Be part of our interactive art installation and make people aware of the dire situation migratory waterbirds are facing.
    The letter of a student from U.S. 2018
    At the National Biodiversity Day in Seocheon 2018
    Letters from people around the world
    At the Seocheon Bird Ecology Exhibition 2018
    Exhibition in G-Tower, Incheon, RoK
    To winged travellers, From Lee Neng Da, Taiwan
    To winged travellers, From Zeng. Min-Han, Taiwan
    To winged travellers, From Mikyung Moon, RoK
    To winged travellers, From Zain M (Left), Carolina (Right), America
    To winged travellers, From Kyumin Kim, RoK
    To winged travellers, From kids attended Uiwang Railroad Festival