Strengthen the local engagement in Baer’s Pochard conservation in central Myanmar

EAAFP Small Grant Fund Project by

Thiri Sandar Zaw

Biodiversity And Nature Conservation Association,



The biodiversity And Nature Conservation Association (BANCA) from Myanmar has interacted with the Community-based Organization namely the Shwe Kantharyar Nature Conservation Association at the Pyu Lake for conservation of the wetland resources and its environment in Mandalay region.


Because the Pyu Lake has recorded 1% population of Baer’s Pochard (Aythya baeri), A Critically Endangered species by IUCN, and other globally important bird species such as Wooly-necked Stork and Common Pochard. This site is the last remaining habitat for migratory waterbirds after the other wetland have been drained for cultivation in Myanmar. Besides, the wetland habitats, seasonally covered with emergent vegetation (Typha angustifolia), marginal vegetation (Ottelia chordata and Water Lily) and open water with green algae group, supports a rich biodiversity as a roosting habitat for migratory water bird species, breeding and refuge area for fish species and provides ecosystem services to the livelihoods of seven local villages around the lake. According to wetland services, the Pyu Lake has been proposed to be a RAMSAR site and East Asian Australasian Flyway Network site in central Myanmar.

Therefore, BANCA has developed the engagement of CBO members through the capacity-building training and empowerment of local communities through awareness raising near the Pyu Lake in Tada-Oo township, Mandalay region. Thus, we provided the training of trainers and coaching training to CBO members about wetland biodiversity conservation and its resources management training, organization development training including administrative and organization procedure training, financial management training and research training: bird watching training, SMART patrolling and hunting assessment training in 2022. In no circumstance, they, CBO members, are well known that conservation is important for their life that is referred to their interest, participation, communication and preparation for their future work.



Photos of hunting assessment and SMART patrolling training and practical survey ©BANCA


Furthermore, BANCA performed education awareness activities about the inland wetland services and its conservation benefits to communities and migratory water birds at the seven villages are irrigated villages of Pyu Lake in Tada-Oo township, Mandalay region, in 2022. To understand the designation of the sites such as becoming Ramsar and Flyway Network Site which are highly productive to support their livelihoods and involve them more with the long-term of inland wetland conservation programs in Mandalay region.

Moreover, BANCA organized the Asian Water Bird Census in January, 2023, and monitored the Baer’s Pochard and migratory water bird species survey at the Pyu Lake, Paleik Lake and Banaw Inn (Lattaung Inn) are priorities wintering habitats for Baer’s Pochard and globally threatened the diving duck species in central Myanmar.

The project was funded through the 2022 EAAFP WG/TF Small Grant Fund. View the report, Click here.

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