2,700 Hooded Cranes arrived in Republic of Korea

Kisup Lee, Waterbirds Network Korea

Hooded Cranes are on the move! About 2,700 Hooded Cranes arrived in Republic of Korea from Japan on 20 – 21 March. We are expecting more Hooded Cranes coming from Izumi, Japan.


Hooded Cranes ? Shin-Hwan Kim

According to monitoring results on 20 March, Cheonsu Bay [EAAF046] in Seosan currently supports around 2,900 Hooded Cranes while Suncheon Bay [EAAF079] has 950.

On 22 March, 180 Hooded Cranes passed through Seocheon County at 16:40 (observed by Seunghwa Yu), and 870 remained at Cheonsu Bay [EAAF046] (observed by Jong-hyun Han).

It seems like cranes are moving northward from the Republic of Korea as well. Lots of White-naped Cranes were found to be moving from Cheolwon to breeding sites in Russia, China and Mongolia. Cranes wintering in Cheolwon, Yeoncheon and Ganghwa have gone north already.


Hooded Cranes ? Shin-Hwan Kim

Among the Hooded Cranes, a few Sandhill Cranes and Common Cranes are also found. No Siberian Cranes or Demoiselle Cranes were noted in Republic of Korea this year.

Last year’s migration was more rapid than this year, with large numbers moving north along Jeju Island and the coast of Yellow Sea around 16 March.

migration of HC

Migration of Hooded Cranes in 2015 ? Waterbirds Network Korea

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