Engaging Events Raise Awareness on Migratory Birds and Conservation in Kushtia, Bangladesh

In an effort to raise awareness among the urban population of Kushtia town in Bangladesh about migratory birds and their conservation, a vibrant “Migratory Bird Fair” was organized at the No. 6 Primary School Compound on 20th May, 2023. Preceding the fair, a campaign was conducted in five schools to engage students and encourage their participation in the event. The fair and subsequent community awareness program successfully educated and inspired participants, fostering a sense of responsibility toward the protection of migratory species and their habitats.

School campaign before the fair ©️ Kichir-Michir

Near 640 participants joined the events. The campaign targeted students from The Old Kushtia High School, Kushtia Mission School, Merit Model School, GK High School, and No. 6 Primary School. Students from grades 1 to 8 were informed about migratory birds, the significance of World Migratory Bird Day, and the theme of 2023. They were also invited to submit their artworks on the theme of “Water: Sustaining Bird Life.” The fair organizers set up banners in all five schools to invite the community to participate.

 Judges selecting top best artworks before the fair ©️ Kichir-Michir

Over 150 students eagerly submitted their artworks, out of which 25 were selected for exhibition, with the top three receiving special recognition. The fair itself was a visual treat, featuring an attractive photo-frame adorned with important migratory bird species. A spotting scope placed within the frame allowed visitors to observe small bird idols placed at a distance, demonstrating the joy of birdwatching. Additionally, 100 migratory bird photos, bird magazines, and birdcalls added up to the immersive experience.

Birds being demonstrated to visitors ©️ Kichir-Michir

Bird magazines for reading ©️ Kichir-Michir

Migratory Bird Photo-frame with a spotting scope ©️ Kichir-Michir

The fair commenced with a rally featuring larger-than-life creations of Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Masked Finfoot, Black-tailed Godwit, Whiskered Tern, and Gray-headed Lapwing, along with a banner. Following the rally, the event was inaugurated by guests, accompanied by a captivating performance of a song on Bangladesh’s birds by a talented fourth-grade student. The guests and organizers delivered speeches emphasizing the importance of migratory birds, World Migratory Bird Day, local migratory bird species, and conservation efforts.

 Rally ©️ Kichir-Michir

During the fair, two individuals from an adjacent village who contributed to bird conservation efforts were honored, along with the invited guests. The top 25 participating students were also rewarded, with special prizes for the top three artworks. The fair attracted approximately 558 visitors throughout the day, creating a platform for community engagement and education.

Migratory Bird Fair inauguration program ©️ Kichir-Michir

Prize being given to a student for artwork ©️ Kichir-Michir

In continuation of the initiative, a community awareness program was organized on May 27, 2023, targeting the grass-cutters of Char Bhabanipur, Pabna. The program aimed to educate the community on the importance of protecting grass patches and discouraging harmful activities like hunting. The event included the placement of a signboard, discussions with influential community members, and the distribution of T-shirts and posters.

Setting up signboard, and demonstrating and distributing posters ©️ Kichir-Michir

Community awareness program ©️ Kichir-Michir

Through these events, Kichir-Michir successfully educated and raised awareness among participants about migratory birds and their conservation. By instilling a sense of responsibility, the initiative strives to reduce hunting, habitat destruction, and other detrimental activities. The efforts of Kichir-Michir and the collaboration with local schools and organizations exemplify the power of community involvement in protecting these majestic avian travelers and preserving their habitats.

Participants with t-shirts and posters ©️ Kichir-Michir

Overall, these events served as a testament to the significance of World Migratory Bird Day and its role in fostering knowledge, appreciation, and action for the conservation of migratory birds in Kushtia, Bangladesh.


The project was funded through the 2023 EAAFP WMBD Small Grant Fund. View the report, Click here.

Article prepared by Kichir-Michir

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