Work and achievements of EAAFP Secretariat in collaboration with the Partners in 2020

The year 2020 is an unprecedented time for everyone due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Yet, the EAAFP Partners and Secretariat adapted to the situation and overcome the challenge to continue the conservation of migratory waterbirds and wetlands. Here is a summary of the work and achievements of EAAFP Partners in which the Secretariat has also been directly engaged in 2020.

  1. Expansion of EAAFP – Hong Kong Bird Watching Society and Mangrove Foundation as new partners

New INGO Partners the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society (HKBWS) and Mangrove Foundation (MCF) joined EAAFP on 10th October, 2020. The Secretariat also tried to open the discussions with potential government partners such as Lao PDR, Papua New Guinea to expand the Partnership. (Read more)

  1. Synergizing work through cooperation with other Ramsar Regional Initiatives

EAAFP Partners and the Secretariat participated in the 3rd annual meeting of Indo-Burma Ramsar Regional Initiative (IBRRI) held in Cambodia in February 2020 (Read more). An MoU was signed between EAAFP Secretariat and IBRRI in September 2020. (Read more). The Secretariat continue close communication with Ramsar Regional Centre – East Asia (RRCEA) on wetland conservation in the region.

Field trip with participants from IBRRI 3rd annual meeting at ATT © Ministry of Environment Cambodia

  1. Support to strengthen research and monitoring and capacity building on migratory waterbirds

EAAFP sponsored 7 WGs/TFs Small Grant projects on illegal hunting and trading issues, Nordmann’s Greenshank, Baer’s Pochard, Shorebirds, Black-faced Spoonbill in Russia, Myanmar, DPRK, Cambodia, Indonesia and China (Read more). The Secretariat supported the establishment of national species partnership in Ro Korea: Far Eastern Curlew Network of the Korean Peninsula and Incheon Black-faced Spoonbill Conservation Guild.

Banded Adult Nordmann’s Greenshank (© V. Pronkevich, K. Maslovsky, P. Maleko)

Establishment of Korea Far Eastern Curlew Network between Seocheon, Hwaseong and Incheon cities of Ro Korea.

  1. Expanding Flyway Site Network and developing Sister Site Agreement

Three new FNSs – Inlay Lake Wildlife Sanctuary (EAAF147) in Myanmar, Daebudo Tidal Flat (EAAF148) in Ro Korea, South-East Gulf of Carpentaria: Leichhardt River to Gore Point (Wernadinga Coast) (EAAF149) in Australia were added in Flyway Site Network.

A flock of Glossy Ibis in Inlay Lake Wildlife Sanctuary © Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation of Myanmar

Activate the new EAAFP Sister Site agreement between Hong Kong Mai Po Inner Deep Bay (EAAF003) and Incheon Songdo Tidal Flat (EAAF145) and supported the implementation of collaborative activities. (Read more). The Secretariat is continuing to develop Sister Site Programme and National/Site Partnership Guidelines.

  1. Active engagement in conservation activities in host countries

Due to travel restrictions, the Secretariat supported and promoted conservation in FNSs and potential sites in its host country, Ro Korea, including high-level discussions in Suncheon, Ulsan, Ansan, Seosan, Seocheon, Hwaseong and Incheon. The Secretariat especially actively collaborating with Hwaseong local government for FNS Hwaseong Wetlands (EAAF142) on monitoring, site management and local community engagement. (Read more). EAAFP Secretariat also signed an MoU with Gyeongsangnam-do Ramsar Environmental Foundation in June 2020. (Read more). EAAFP Secretariat Science Unit supported over 16 migratory waterbird conservation activities in its host country in China. (Read more)

Hwaseong Symposium

  1. Engaging the global agenda and regional dialogues for the EAAFP mission

With our Partners, the Secretariat participated in the CMS COP 13 in February, as well as engaged with other global and regional entities such as Asian Development Bank, UNESCAP-NEASPEC, UNDP/GEF Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem, Green Climate Fund, Yellow Sea Wetland Institute through online meetings and webinars.

Group Photo of EAAFP Partners attending the CMS COP 13

  1. EAAFP CEPA work

The Secretariat joined the consultative group with 11 education relevant organizations in Ro Korea to contribute to the drafting of a Ramsar COP13 resolution to mainstream wetland education . A joint webinar was held with ICF about cranes in DMZ, and another webinar with Prof. Nick Davidson was organized on World Environment Day. A new EAAFP Brochure (in English, Korean) was published and FNS leaflet and new species factsheets are releasing soon.

  1. World Migratory Bird Day

Activities to promote WMBD moved to the virtual world. This year, a total of 15 projects from 9 countries were supported by the EAAFP WMBD small grants. (Read more) The Secretariat produced a WMBD video which was translated to Korean and Tagalog, and organized 3 webinars (Read more). A #LegflagChallenge Photo Contest was held to promote to encourage resightings of tagged waterbirds in the flyway. (Read more)

  1. Flyway Youth Forum

The first-ever Flyway Youth Forum with 138 participants was held virtually between November and December, co-organized with Youth Engaged in Wetlands (YEW) with support from EAAFP Partners and supporters. The “Declaration of the 2020 Flyway Youth Forum Participants” drafted by the youth participants was delivered. (Read more)

  1. Launch of EAAFP Volunteer Programme

The EAAFP Secretariat launched its Volunteer Program in August. The program aims to engage talented individuals from across the flyway who wish to contribute to the conservation of migratory waterbirds and their habitats through hands-on activities. Since its launch, about 50 people from 14 countries have applied. (Read more)

  1. EAAFP Foundation Small Grant for Environmental NGOs in RO Korea

In September, the EAAFP Foundation launched its first Call for Proposals for Environmental NGOs in RO Korea. The programme is sponsored by Yeongheung Power Division of Korea South-East Power Co., Ltd. (KOEN_Korean_한국남동발전). Eight Korean local NGOs were selected as successful applicants. (Read more)

  1. Promotion of EAAFP corporate engagement program with migratory waterbirds proposal

In September 2020 the EAAFP Foundation presented the ‘Corporate Champion Program with Migratory Waterbirds Proposal’ at the 4th CSR Matching Day in RO Korea. The proposal aims to raise awareness on biodiversity conservation and engage communities by cooperating with corporates doing business near Flyway Network Sites. (Read more)

The EAAFP Secretariat -thanks Partners and collaborators who participated and/or supported the work of the EAAFP during this pandemic period in 2020. We are also thankful to the interns who worked with us in 2020 to keep the Secretariat energetic and effective.

Although 2021 is still full of uncertainties, there are important global and regional events for nature conservation, including the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, to be adopted in the coming Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) COP 15, IUCN World Conservation Congress in September, Ramsar COP 14 in November and UN Climate Change Conference in November. In the consultation with EAAFP committees and Partners, the EAAFP Secretariat will continue to support implementation of the EAAFP Strategic Plan 2019-2028 (and CEPA Action Plan), strengthen CEPA and Flyway Site Network activities, the development of the conservation status review of migratory waterbirds in EAA Flyway and the guidelines for Sister Site Program and National/Site Partnership and explore partnerships with the Private Sector.

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