2019 Yeongjong Tidal Flat Migratory Bird Day’ Drawing and Essay Contest Award

On Friday, June 21st at 15:30pm, the Award of Drawing and Essay contest for the 2019 Yeongjong Tidal Flat Migratory Bird Day was held in the Incheon Bridge company headquarters.

The contest was part of 2019 Yeongjongdo Tidal Flat Migratory Bird Day event which was organized on May 11th 2019 in celebration of the World Migratory Bird Day. The event aimed to promote the ecological importance of Yeongjong tidal flat and successfully concluded celebrated by 400 citizens from the local community, students and families as well as likeminded environmental organizations.

Group photos with the winners and the organizing organizations  (Photo credit: Haejin Park/EAAFP)

The theme of the drawing and essay contest was “Tidal flat and migratory birds that should be protected from plastics”. 79 pieces were submitted on 11 May followed by the judge panel’s evaluation. The evaluation was conducted on June 11st at Incheon Bridge headquarters by the panel: Ms. Yung-ok Kim(artist), Ms. Hyosuk Sung(artist), Ms. Suyeon Sung (children literature critic), Mr. Segi Lee (poet) as well as the co-organizers. 24 pieces were selected as prize winners. The list of awards are of Incheon Metropolitan City Mayor (2), Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education – Superintendent (16). Incheon Green Union(2), Incheon Bridge Company (2), and the EAAFP (2). In total 24 prizes were awarded.

Ms. Yung-ok Kim on behalf of the panel of drawing contest said “I could feel children’s heart to rescue the tidal flat from trashes, and was also impressed by the diversity in expressing their ideas and their capability to turn concepts into visuals”. Another judge Mr. Hyosuk Sung commented that “Yunjin Hyun, who received the Incheon Mayer award, well expressed the reality of tidal flat based on her volunteering experience in conservation activities. Yaeun Kim, who received the Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education – Superintendent, well expressed in visual the biodiversity in tidal flat and people picking up trash, with a phrase that ‘Tidal flat does breathe’”.

EAAFP Secretariat staff and other judges rating the drawings (Photo credit: Haejing Park/EAAFP)

On the essay’s part. Ms. Suyeon Sung, a children literature critic, said “while evaluating students’ pieces, I realized that environment is more like an action rather than a notion because students stressed the importance of small actions in daily lives. I feel that children are truly our future”. Mr. Segi Lee, a poet, said “most of the students who took part in the essay competition well described the importance of tidal flat and ways to conserve them. They also well described the value of tidal flat, which is home and resting place to various faunas”. He also added, “I am grateful that all the participants actively cooperated in order to love tidal flat and conserve it”.

EAAFP Secretariat staff and other judges rating the drawings (Photo credit: EAAFP)

The 2019 Yeongjong Tidal Flat Migratory Bird Day was co-organized by Incheon Green Union, Incheon Bridge Company, EAAFP (East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership), E Rang ecological education center, and sponsored by Incheon Metropolitan City, Incheon Metropolitan City of Education, and Shinsegae Duty Free.

The Yeongjong Tidal Flat Migratory Bird Day was initiated to address the issue of illegal fishing of crabs at Yeongjongdo tidal flat to raise awareness of its ecological importance of Yeongjong Tidal Flat. This year marks its 4th anniversary. EAAFP has participated in the event since 2018.

Winner of the EAAFP award for the 2019 Yeongjong Tidal Flat Migratory Bird Day Drawing Contest (Photo credit: Haejin Park/EAAFP)

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