2018 CEPA Workshop in Manila, Philippines

From the 2-5 October, 2018, the CEPA WG ran a CEPA workshop in Manila, Philippines. Present at the workshop were 10 invited experienced CEPA implementers from across the Flyway to share their successful CEPA interventions at Flyway Sites and other wetlands. Managing the workshop were Sandra Hails, CEPA WG Chair; Lew Young, EAAFP Chief Executive; and onsite organiser Amy Lecciones and her staff from the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands (SCPW).

The main elements of the workshop included: PPT presentations by each participant on a CEPA intervention they had carried out in the recent past followed by a question and answer session with other participants; identification by the participant of their key elements of success; completion by each participant of the Flyway’s Story-Telling Template for their intervention which will be shared across the Flyway to inspire others; sharing of CEPA materials brought by participants; discussions on the planned activities by participants in 2019 and beyond; brief presentations to participants on the draft Flyway Strategic Plan and CEPA Strategy and Action Plan; a short session to brain-storm a WBMD theme; and a field visit to the Ramsar Site Las Piñas–Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area.


The following elements of the workshop are available online:

  • The full report on the workshop (link)
  • The PPTs delivered by participants (CEPA WG page);
  • The two-page Story-Telling Template for each CEPA activity delivered at the workshop (CEPA WG page).


The CEPA WG hopes to receive more templates from Flyway implementers so that we can provide a broad range of interventions online to inspire more CEPA action across the Flyway.


The CEPA WG is grateful to the Flyway Secretariat for the funding and practical support before and during the meeting and to the SCPW staff for their considerable work in managing so efficiently the in-country logistics.


For photos of the workshop: https://www.flickr.com/photos/eaafp/albums/72157675633807808

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