Announcement of 12th Australasian Shorebird Conference

The 12th Australasian Shorebird Conference will take place from 29-30 October 2022, hosted jointly by the Australasian Wader Studies Group and the Queensland Wader Studies Group.

We are pleased to announce that the Conference will be an online event, in hopes of encouraging broad participation from around Australia and across the East Asian – Australasian Flyway.

The theme for this Conference is “Global Strategies Local Actions” and through the Conference program, we will look at what has been happening across the East Asian – Australasian Flyway since the 11th Australasian Shorebird Conference held in 2018.

We have developed an exciting program on shorebird natural history, counting, research and local conservation action over the last 4 years to give you a fascinating insight into the knowledge and understanding of shorebirds as well as the work being done towards their conservation.

We know of the many ongoing challenges that shorebirds face, including loss of habitat, hunting, pollution and competition for food resources. Add to that the increasing threats from climate change and greater impacts from a growing human population in the Flyway, their world becomes more and more uncertain.

Strong efforts are being dedicated at the global and local level to understanding, raising awareness for, and addressing the problems facing shorebirds. You will see this reflected through the range of exciting sessions during the two days. Knowledge and action go hand in hand, and we will see all the efforts that have been put in to achieving better outcomes for shorebirds.

All keen “shorebirders” will find the program of interest however you are engaged with our amazing shorebirds. We encourage you to register and join the Conference to learn more about and be part of the wonderful world of shorebirds and those seeking to ensure their conservation.

Conference official website, visit here.

Abstract submission deadline: 15 August, 2022

Participation registration deadline: 30 October, 2022

Mark Barter Travel award information, check here.

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