List of Document and Decision Papers of MOP11

Document ListOriginalRevisedFinalPPT
Doc.1 Adoption of the Rules of Procedure[Word] [PDF][PDF] N.A.
Doc.2 Adoption of the Meeting Agenda[Word.rev] [PDF.rev][PDF] N.A.
Doc.3 Adoption of the Meeting Program[Word.rev] [PDF.rev][PDF.rev.4][PDF] N.A.
Doc.4 Approval of Minutes of the 10th Meeting of Partners[Word] [PDF]
[PDF] N.A.
Doc.5 Admission of Observers[Word.rev] [PDF.rev][PDF] N.A.
Doc.6 Report of the Committees (Management Committee, Finance Sub-Committee and Technical Sub-Committee)[Word] [PDF] [PDF][PPT]
Doc.7 Report on Secretariat Activities and Budget 2019 - 2022[Word] [PDF] [Word_rev_Track change][PDF] N.A.
Doc.8 Plan for the Secretariat Activities and Budget 2023 -2024[Word.rev] [PDF.rev][Word_rev.1_Track change] [Word_rev.2_Clean][PDF] [PPT]
Doc.9 Report on the Small Grant Fund for Working Groups and Task Forces 2019 - 2022[Word] [PDF][PDF] [PPT]
Doc.10 Synergies and Partnerships (MOUs status) (merge with Doc. 7)
Doc.11 Progress on implementation of the EAAFP Strategic Plan 2019-2028 (analysis and synthesis of information provided by Partners, Working Groups and Task Forces using the new Reporting Template) [Word] [PDF] [PDF] [PPT]
Doc.12 Status and management of the EAAFP Flyway Site Network [Word.rev] [PDF.rev][Word_rev_Track change][PDF] [PPT.rev]
Doc.13 Issues and considerations for improving the structure, content and utility of the EAAFP Site Information Sheet (SIS) for Flyway Network Site (FNS) designation (MOP11 DD.5)[Word] [PDF][PDF] N.A.
Doc.14 Report on the Conservation Status of Migratory Waterbirds of the East Asian – Australasian Flyway[Word] [PDF] [Annex 1][PDF] N.A.
Doc.15 Administrative and financial implications of substantive agenda items[Word] [PDF] [PDF] [PPT]
Doc.16 Election and Appointments of Management Committee members[Word.rev] [PDF.rev][PDF] [PPT]
Doc.17 Election and Appointments of Finance Sub-Committee members[Word] [PDF][PDF][PPT]

Decision ListOriginalRevisedFinalPPT
D. 1 CEPA Action Plan 2023-2028[Word.rev] [PDF.rev]
[Appx.1 ]
[Draft_Clean][PDF ][PPT]
D. 2 Resourcing Plan 2023-2025(Withdrawn)[Word. rev.2] [PDF.rev.2][Att.1] [Att.2][Att.3]N.A.N.A.N.A.
D. 3 Adjustments to the Technical sub-Committee Terms of Reference & Rules of Procedure[Word] [PDF] [Word_rev.1_Track change][PDF][PPT]
D. 4 Appointment of the EAAFP Technical sub-Committee members for 2023-2025[Word. rev] [PDF.rev][Draft_Clean][PDF][PPT.rev]
D. 5 Proposed amendments to improve the use of the Flyway Site Network Site Information Sheet (FNS SIS)[Word] [PDF] [Word_rev.1_Track change] [Draft_Clean][PDF] [PPT]
D. 6 Guidelines for EAAFP National and Site Partnerships[Word] [PDF] [Appx.1] [Appx.2] [Appx.3][Draft_Clean] [ Appendix 1_Track change]
[ Appendix 2_Track change ]
[PDF][Appendix 1 ] [ Appendix 2 ] [ Appendix 3 ] [PPT]
D. 7 Guidelines for the EAAFP Sister Site Program[Word] [PDF] [Appx 1] [Draft_rev.1_Track change][PDF][Appendix 1 ][PPT]
D. 8 Maintaining up-to-date Population Estimates and Trends of Migratory Waterbird Populations for the EAAFP[Word] [PDF][Draft_rev.1_Track change][PDF][PPT]
D. 9 Monitoring and Reducing Impact of HPAI and other avian diseases along the East Asian Australasian Flyway[Word.rev_Track Change] [Word.rev] [PDF.rev][Draft_rev.2_Track change][PDF][PPT.rev]
D. 10 Youth Mainstreaming in the EAAFP[Word_rev.3_track changes][Word.rev] [PDF.rev][Draft_Clean][PDF ][PPT]
D. 11 Christmas Island Frigatebird single species action plan[Word] [PDF] [Draft_rev.1_Track change][PDF ][PPT]
D. 12 Masked Finfoot[PDF ]

Template for MOP11 Decision papers can be downloaded [here].


Proposals for amendments to Draft Decision (DD) texts

Please send your text amendments for a DD to the Secretariat ([email protected]) as quickly as possible (Secretariat will acknowledge receipt), in the email Subject line, please state for which DD you are proposing changes, and your organization making the proposals. You can put your proposed DD text changes in the body of your email message, or showing as track changes in a document attachment. If you do not send the text of your proposals made in plenary for DD changes, they cannot be included in the DD Rev1, and will not be further considered by MOP11.