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Corporate Sponsors

Australasian Wader Studies Group (AWSG) 

(Gold Sponsor)

The Australasian Wader Studies Group was formed in 1981 as a special interest group of BirdLife Australia to coordinate and focus studies on waders (shorebirds) in Australia and throughout the East Asian Australasian Flyway.
Our activities include: Monitoring shorebird populations, feeding ecology and their migration, at local, national and international levels with a program that includes counting, leg banding and colour flagging; Instigating and encouraging other scientific studies of shorebirds; Communicate the results of these studies to a wide audience through Stilt, Tattler and other ornithological journals, as well as on our website and at conferences; Formulate and promote policies for the conservation of shorebirds and their habitats, and make information available to local and national governmental conservation bodies and organisations to encourage and assist them in pursuing this objective; Promote wetland conservation and assist in the nomination of important sites for listing under the Ramsar Convention (the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance); Encourage and promote the involvement of a large band of amateurs, as well as professionals, to achieve these objectives; Encourage and assist similar programs throughout the East Asian–Australasian Flyway.

Special Presentation by AWSG: Friday 17th March 2023 (the presentation time will be shown later)

Organisation Website: 

Contact: Alison Russell- French ([email protected]; or [email protected] 


 (Bronze Sponsor)

Faunatech is the leading provider of dependable, high-quality audio recorders and camera traps for ecologists, wildlife biologists, and researchers in Australasia.

Based in Sydney, we carry trusted brands such as Wildlife Acoustics and Reconyx. Our employees take pride in their product knowledge and customer service and are happy to speak with you about your specific project needs. In keeping with our reputation for personalised service and commitment to the products we deliver, we offer technical support in local time zones and free virtual product training for our customers.

Special Presentation by Faunatech: Friday 17th March 2023 (the presentation time will be shown later)

Company Website:

Contact: Harry Rust ([email protected])


Eco Shop Wholesee

Eco Shop Wholesee, Ltd., in the belief in being accompanied by our beautiful nature, has gotten along with those who love nature since 2003. We aim to be the center of the on and offline community of life, education, research, and development activities for those who love nature and seek ecological life; and contribute to building a sustainable society by raising awareness of nature conservation, guiding children to experience lifetime-lasting beautiful memories of mysterious and profound nature, and giving adults delight of rediscovering the beauty of nature.

We focus on production, sales, consulting, training, and content creation for exhibition facilities for nature education. Our main business is producing and selling 500 species of nature learning materials and equipment, 200 ecological books on nature observation, plays in nature, birdwatching, natural dyes, board games, etc. We have been importing several items through our partners in the US, Japan, China, Thailand, and Taiwan as well as domestic production and distribution. Our biggest advantage is that we are with the greatest members in the ecological and environmental education field in Korea; most of them are activists, teachers, civil advocators, etc. Please feel free to contact the email below for further inquiries and cooperation.

Company website:

Contact: Boyoung SEO, Project Manager ([email protected])

Yeongheung Power Division

Yeongheung Power Division is the first 800MWclass coalfired thermal power plant in Korea with high efficiency and cutting-edge/eco-friendly equipment, supplying about 23% of the power consumption of the metropolitan area and playing a pivotal role in supplying stable power to the area. KOEN Yeongheung has sponsored EAAFP from 2018 for conservation of migratory waterbirds and their habitats in Incheon, RoK. With the sponsorship from KOEN Yeoungheung, EAAFP Secretariat and EAAFP Foundation has organized workshops and education programs , also produced educational materials. Also, KOEN Yeongheung has financially supported 23 NGOs participated in Foundation’s Small Grant programme from 2020.

Company Website: KOEN (

Community Chest of Korea

Since its first establishment in 1998, the Community Chest of Korea has played a role as a representative private welfare institution that practices social welfare through community fundraising even under difficult conditions in RoK. The three red fruits on the logo symbolize me, my family, and my neighbor, the red of the fruit means to create a warm heart of love, and the stems that come together mean to create a society where people live together.

Company Website (Kor): ( 중앙회 ) 사랑의열매 (